Banks climate risk preparedness

The Indian banking system needs to be prepared for the systemic financial risk that climate change poses. This dashboard is a first-of-its-kind initiative by Climate Risk Horizons which assesses India’s largest banks’ climate-related risk preparedness based on publicly available information. Each bank is graded against 10 criteria based on their disclosures during the financial year.

TPP Replacement Savings Calculator

Replacing thermal power plants with renewable energy can result in huge savings for states thanks to the continuing drop in RE prices, combined with the low plant load factor regime that most power plants are trapped in today. But calculating exactly how much is complex - this dashboard allows you to simulate the savings from shutting down and replacing thermal power plants selected for age, state/central operation and other factors. Many states can make significant savings on their current tariff dispatch orders, and this tool allows you to estimate these savings quickly, with sufficient nuance.